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Human Spirit and the great Stress debate by Adam Hollioake

Here I am awake on the day of our Battle of the Stars Golf Day at Gainsborough Greens. I have woken up at 5am and am in a deep and reflective mood. This is my first blog in where I will impart some of my thoughts on you. They may not be right for you and they aren’t meant as a bible to live your life by, they are just interesting observations I have made over the last 10 years that have been so eventful, and have helped me to reach a little bit of comfort after some trying times

One thing these tragedies like the floods or other events that have a big impact on us and people around us, is they allow you to open up the side of your brain that gives you perspective. Gone are concerns about traffic, gone are concerns about silly irrelevant things that we as humans blow up into being much more important than they are. Why do the small things become so important? Because we spend too big a % of our time thinking about them, they therefore take up too much our brain space, which then in turn make us more upset when they don’t work out! We only realise that these are taking up too many GB when we crash. Just like your computer, we never check it or maintain it until something goes wrong.

I always make pledges to myself to not be so negative and to not sweat the small stuff. After every major event that touches my life. After my brother and best friend Graham Kersey passed away in car accidents I made a pact to drive with unbelievable care and attention. The other day I caught myself texting, yes texting whilst driving, I was ashamed of myself! I promise I will never do it again! So therefore the challenge remains, this time I will love my fellow man and not unduly create stress on him or her or myself for that matter.  I have to be better at living more consistently and not falling into bad and lazy ways just because earlier lessons become distant memories.

Stress is the biggest killer of any of our actions. Forget cancer, forget car accidents, stress kills far more people every day. Stress related illness causes cancer, causes heart disease, depression can cause obesity and in turn diabetes etc. Me and my friends on the committee of Oceans 7 want to help relieve some of the massive stress that my brothers and sisters in Brisbane are experiencing. We can’t totally do it, but we can collectively try and do our little bit.
It is a radical thought that I have felt for a long time that you should be made accountable (possibly punishable by law) for placing undue stress on your fellow man. How do we equate this in terms of the damage it may cause? I recently knew a healthy middle-aged man who had a heart attack from having a massive amount of stress placed upon him from a poor business relationship. He died! No doubt from the stress, should the people involved be punishable for murder/manslaughter? Probably not, but there is a debate there somewhere. I understand (though don’t condone) the man whom breaks into my house to steal food or money to feed his family, for he does so out of desperation (our society could be better at understanding this). All my fellow man has to do is ask me and I will always share my food. What I don’t understand are the people who unnecessarily place stress on their fellow man. People who are rude, who drive without respect for other road users. Councils that money grab, I understand that their needs to be funds to run our community but where is the line in the equation that equates to ease of life. Couldn’t we prevent a lot of the stress around things like parking metres, by providing other ways to raise funds? At what stage do we say that its better to have a good stress free community rather than a rich one? To me, the prize of most livable city must be every city/towns goal.

This is not meant as an Adam Hollioake rant, far be it, it’s not meant as a ‘how bad is the world of Adam Hollioake’ type of article. It is meant as a reminder to myself (I end up writing these things as a form of affirmation to myself more so than for anyone else) to not place undue stress on others. The best gift we can give people is to allow them to function and enjoy the many wonderful things that life provides.

I heard the greatest quote yesterday it gave me a new drive and confidence for life. Please write it somewhere on a wall or somewhere you can see it. When we experience hardship no matter how big or small, look at it and use it to drive you forward

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey by Kenji Miyazawa. Kenji wasn’t a great philosopher or a psychologist, just a simple Japanese poet who wrote literature for children. We don’t need to study or be a genius to work some things out, we just need to be able to get a message across to people to help them thru their pain.


I am not sure what my point is in this article I have just chucked down a whole lot of thoughts in no particular order and am hoping that the people who read it get something out of it. I am pretty certain that I have! I think it just helps to affirm your thoughts on paper.

God bless you all and thanks all those people who have helped us get Battle of the Stars up and running. You have made a stressful event very easy and enjoyable to pull off.

Love as always
Smokey x

Adam Hollioake with the 1999 County Championship Trophy

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Adam Hollioake with the 1999 County Championship Trophy


Adam Hollioake