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By Adam Hollioake

Tonight at the gym there was an interesting challenge, let me set the scene.....There are 2 distinct groups at the Matrix and Axis Gyms. Matrix is all about boxing and Axis is the grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu segment of the gym. Well tonight boxing met BJJ in a bizarre chain of events Adam Hollioake .

Phil one of the senior and most experienced BJJ artists in the gym came in directly from work! Unfortunately for him he left a trail of worksite rubble behind him that lead straight to his work boots! Stephen Ng owner of the Matrix gym tracked the mess all the way to the boots and called Phil out for an impromptu boxing challenge Adam Hollioake !

Adam Hollioake Vs ????

2 x 2 min rounds! The action can be seen here:

Such was the fun that Adam Hollioake both had the jury is out as to whether a re-match should be arranged on the mat!?


Stay tuned with Adam Hollioake

To join Matrix Gym or arrange to come down and have a look around call Stephen Ng on 0433 149 033 we are based in Southport on the Gold Coast

Adam Hollioake


Adam Hollioake


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