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Splitting Captains by Adam Hollioake PART 1


It is interesting one of the things I am most often spoken to about  is when the England selectors decided to split the one day and test captaincy. Interestingly in all of the questions I have been asked about it, the one question I was never asked was to give my overall opinion on if I thought it could work. Maybe it was because the journalists thought they would get a biased answer from me. Maybe they thought they already knew the answer?


Well most people want a yes or no answer! Let me tell you this ain’t a court of law and the answer requires much thought and is dependent on many factors.

Let me start off by saying that in my opinion it is ideal if you have a captain that is capable of captaining in all 3 forms of the game. However the world isn’t ideal and not least sport with its numerous outcomes therefore this isn’t always the case, and I think that this is where the debate starts…..

I am a firm believer that first and foremost you need to pick the 11 best players for the team and pick a captain from that. I think you really open up a can of worms if you start picking guys as captains if they aren’t good enough to get in the team. 

Ok so once we have picked our teams then we can start looking at captains….Is there any one (or is there a few players) who appears in all 3 formats. We then work backwards from there.

My biggest concern about the split captaincy is the lack of continuity and people singing from different hymn sheets…A good coach can help keep some form of continuity I think it is important to note here that Andy Flower could be the ideal person to allow this kind of experiment to work. He is the best man manager England have had in my time and is very in touch with the younger generation. I cant claim to know much about his technical ability as a coach, but to be honest I put this ability as a distant 2nd behind managing your people. Besides he can’t be technically too bad he was the No 1 batsman in the world for a period of time.




[caption id="attachment_477" align="alignleft" width="296" caption="Adam Hollioake on the Beach before West Indies Tour 1998"]Adam Hollioake on the Beach before West Indies Tour 1998[/caption]


Adam Hollioake training on the Beach with the England Cricket Team in Antigua 1998