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Adam Hollioake Sparring Day


For anyone who is interested in coming to watch Adam Hollioake spar there is an open training session on 9th April at the Matrix Gym at 2pm. The address of the Matrix Gym address is 4/16 Pinter Drive, Southport.

Adam Hollioake will be being put through his paces by head trainer Stephen Ng and will then spar. There is a BBQ afterwards for anyone interested

Adam Holloake will be down to around 95kgs by then which is only 7kgs off his goal weight and 11kgs lighter then when he first started back training. Adam struggled through the 1st few weeks of training and his aerobic fitness was poor and his timing completely off. Adam is pleased to say his aerobic fitness returned fairly quickly but is still not happy with his timing, although it is improving, just not at the rate that will keep an inpatient man happy!

Adam Hollioake is putting in 4 boxing sessions a week at present, Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri evenings and am performing strength and conditioning sessions most mornings. He hasn't done a lot of sparring as yet as he is trying to get his weight down before he goes jumping around in the ring. His boxing sessions mainly are consisting of a lot of skipping and hitting all manner of bags, but mainly the heavy bag. He is doing on average about 15 x 3min rounds with a 30 second break, this sounds impressive, however the pace of the rounds at the moment is very comfortable, as he gets nearer the fight he will pick up the intensity of the rounds and maybe increase the rest and lower the rounds.


Adam Hollioake's strength and conditioning training consists of a bit of MMA work, he posted one of his workouts on youtube last week. It also consists of a session that he lovingly refers to as lifting heavy shit up! Basically he lifts olympic bars, ezbars and water bags in all manner of ways for 30 second bursts (as many as possible) and has a 1min rest. He normally does 5 exercises and does 5 sets EXHAUSTING!!!

Anyway hopefully see you on the 9th April for more details contact Matrix Gym on 0433 149 033


Adam Hollioake


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