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Adam Hollioake has 3rd Child 05 May 2011

Adam Hollioake has 3rd Child


Adam Hollioake Speaking to us from Bedside of his Wife

Adam Hollioake's wife Sherryn gave birth to their 3rd child at 10.59am on the 4th May 2011. Their 3rd child Humphrey Millhouse Hollioake was a healthy 7lbs 4oz little boy.

Adam Hollioake speaking from the bedside of his wife who is to spend the night in hospital said, "it is the most fantastic and moving experience a Dad can witness, and having been through it twice before made this experience no different. I can honestly say that the moment you see your child for the 1st time and hear their little cry (or in Humphrey's case big cry!) you are always moved. It is a strange experience that I have never quite worked out the emotions of. I am not a big crier and haven't cried at any of my childrens births, but it is a feeling that makes me feel like crying….and at the same time like punching the air in victory…..very odd.

Hollioake says that the birth went exceptionally well and that both Humphrey and Sherryn are doing very well. He also said that he wished to take the opportunity to thank all the well wishers who had contacted him via twitter and for the emails and good luck messages.

Hollioake was taken back by the level of interest in his latest child and said "I never thought anybody would care other than me and my close friends and family but it is always nice to get messages of good luck and it is nice to know so many people care thank you.

Adam Hollioake says to all those people who are following his blogs on Coping with Pressure. Sorry for taking time off guys, but I have to look after wife and kids for a little while but will get back to the blogs in the coming weeks. In the meantime thanks and speak soon


Adam Hollioake

Adam Hollioake with 99 Championship Trophy