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Morals in Charity by Adam Hollioake

I have had a most fascinating week, I have been from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the Ocean and up, down four times over!
To say I am confused on the topic of charity and all that emanates from it would be a massive understatement.
I have seen the most unbelievable thoughts of kindness. Mixed with average behavior, I have confused negativity for difference, and seen a changing in my ideals. What a week!
I had a meeting with Mayor Ron Clarke early in the week and entered the City Council Chambers only to discover they had been transformed into a flood disaster depot. There were ladies of all ages with their children pulling together washing baskets full of food and blankets. I tracked down the lady responsible for the initiative and she informed me that it had started out as little thing but over the last 48 hours they had sent out 48 metric tones of hampers! Unbelievable! She wanted no thanks and quickly shuffled off almost annoyed that I was keeping her from her work! Legend!
I have also been working away with Shane Warne and Darren Gough amongst others to try to pull together a charity day which was to feature stars from all sports and an ex England vs. Ex Australia game. We had done so much work and I had personally called upwards of 30 celebrities. The great man had even been in touch with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Elton John and Coldplay, wow, not people that you will find on Adam Hollioake's speed dial list, but that’s Warney for you.
Anyway the upshot of it is that unfortunately the game wont be able to happen! I am so disillusioned with it! We tried so hard and I have been up to 2am pretty much all week trying to contact people in Uk and such. There is more to charity than I 1st thought, unfortunately we can’t just do every venture we all think of and the fact that the Cricket Australia are already doing so much eventually ended any chance of
To top this news off, I lowered myself to a public spat with a twitter follower yesterday that I felt was being particularly disrespectful to not just me but a number of my friends. I rather embarrassingly threatened to bash him, which although not very classy is pretty much the way I was raised to deal with problems at boarding school and something I am not always proud of. Anyway I gave the gentleman concerned my office email and informed him if he would like to use his energy’s for charity I would be prepared to take him on in a charity fight. Well what ensued I could never have predicted!!
I have to admit my heart rate didn’t raise above it resting rate at the thought of a fight, however I was absolutely riveted to my email account as emails flooded in from him calling me a clown who just wanted publicity etc.
I had 2 routes to travel at this point! Straight back at him or to listen to what he had to say. I kindly asked him to explain. He said that he felt all celebrities did the charity work for the attention and media etc and that he would never find us doing the work with out the media. I pointed out that we needed the media so as to raise awareness and therefore use our public profile to round up support for various causes. I said that although this was unfortunately the case I couldn’t guarantee that we as people in the public eye didn’t enjoy people saying we were doing a good job, after all we are only human and we all like to be told well done, whether we admit it or not.
I then listened to this incredibly intelligent man, who had masqueraded as a moron only hours before open up and tell me about his childhood and his very strong and different outlook on charitable work. I learnt a valuable lesson. I learnt that you have to dig beneath the surface with some people. Just as there are people who appear good with bad underneath the surface, the same applies to those people whom we write of as imbeciles. I learnt to try to delve further into people and find out the cause of their anger before just writing them off.  Thank you @MClarkesucks for your insight into topics I had never thought about, I finished the day more learned than I had started it
Anyway on a separate note we Oceans 8 a committee I have pulled together for the flood appeal are making great ground on a charity golf day to be held at Gainsborough Greens on 31st January
The name Oceans 8 is a tongue in cheek referral to the movie characters Ocean 11. However we are, how shall I say it? A large committee. I think although there are only 8 of us we weigh over a metric tonne and there were plenty of jokes about us being called Oceans 23. Ahh boys and their humor!
Gone are the names Brad Pitt and George Clooney, they have been replaced by more realistic characters such as John Candy, Butter Bean and Danny Devito (Adam Hollioake) ! Oh how the time flys by when we are in our committee meetings!
I have my own radical views on charity work and having been involved in the running of my own charity in the UK, I feel in a much better position to comment and express my views than I was 10 years ago when I 1st got involved in charity work. I love 90% of charity work, sometimes I think that charities forget why they first started up and lose sight of their work.
My thoughts and please forgive me if my views don’t mirror yours I understand we are all different and entitled to our opinion. I love doing charitable work where you can see a tangible end and leave with something that the people who worked on can stamp as their own. Whilst I love charities that raise money to run their hospices, staff etc all vital parts of charity, I personally love to see items big or small, being bought with the funds.
I have had a good think about how best to represent my ideals in charity and the skills which I have (which aren’t many let me tell you) and I have come up with an idea I am calling it “Operation Sand Bag “ although I am not going to reveal the exact proposal yet as I am still in discussions with the Government, I think even the least intelligent of you will work out it involves sandbags!
So please tune in to see what it’s all about! Lets just say I am going to need the support of the whole community and we have already had Colgate say they will give their workers 2 days paid leave to come help with the operation. Please keep coming back.
Til then chow!
Love Smokey x
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Adam Hollioake with the 1999 county championship Trophy

Adam Hollioake with the 1999 County Championship Trophy