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Flooding in Toowoomba

Excuse My Ignorance and Thanks for Helping Me by Adam Hollioake

When I 1st started this blog I knew nothing more than I wanted to try to help people. The only way I could think of doing this was to try to pass on some of the learning I have gained from experiences that other people may not have been so fortunate/unfortunate to have experienced. When I stated I was going to touch on grief/depression and stress. Well I think these floods have provided the 1st real topic of my blog.
Roll back the clock about 3 months. Finally after 18 months of constant pressure from my good friend, AFL Footy legend and social media magnate Jeff White I was persuaded to take the plunge into the big bad world of social media and more specifically twitter.
Why the resistance you may ask. Well I am slightly embarrassed to say that I was a little ignorant to the workings of twitter etc and was one of ‘those people’ who say ‘Why would I want to tell everyone what I am doing all day every day?”
This usually leads to a re enactment of the individual typing on an imaginary phone saying something like “I have just woken up” then “I am just walking to the bathroom” all said in a wonderfully sarcastic tone. I was this sarcastic amateur actor just 3 months ago! I have often since then thought why was I so resistant to the idea. Well mainly because I had a pre conceived idea as to what you were if you were on twitter! I thought you were twitting what you were doing because you thought someone actually cared or because no one cared and you needed to tell everyone.  I viewed it as some weakness and a cry for attention. In some cases I am sure it is, but to blanket everyone with this was frankly just nonsense.
I actually liken my resistance to that of the racist or the person who takes no time to understand another man’s religion. It is basically ignorance, of course I am not saying that anyone not on social media is similar to a racist, but it is a similar thought process that enables people to be so scathing of it without understanding it.
Since joining twitter I have caught up with old friends, met new friends, been laughed with and laughed at, been called a great bloke and fat loser! I have learnt new things and been reminded of things I had forgotten, not one negative thing has come out of it. Why is that well firstly I try not to take it too seriously and secondly have tried to take on all criticism (and there has been a bit of that as well). Criticism I take as a compliment, if someone takes the time to write to you it is cos they care, cos they want you to change your ways. I take it as an opportunity to look at myself in the mirror. It gives me the opportunity to better myself.
Last night social media went to a new level in my book! I spent the entire night on my sofa with my wife, tweeting, answering concerns from people who were concerned for our safety and asking about the safety of others. Some of the most touching stuff came in the form of people offering to help sand bag, to offer shelter to people without homes. So touching was the tweet from a lady offering shelter for peoples animals. These are all examples of the immediate help social media can provide.
Taking it a step further was probably one of the more outstanding things I have witnessed. The coming together of the cricket twitter community was quite remarkable. Darren Gough started asking around to get people on board to help play a fundraising game for the flood victims. He was quickly joined by the great Shane Warne (once you have the King on board you will never lose) and I threw my hat in the ring to get the show running as well. The first half hour was insane with newspapers,  The MCG, Cricket Australia, Octagon Events and others all offering their help. I rang around and Jupiters Casino offered to get on board and help out straight away, by the time the half hour was up the only thing that was missing was the airline sponsor! Quite amazing. Now I know Shane and Darren are remarkable human beings with far stretching fame and support, but I hazard the guess that even they would have been surprised by the speed everything transpired. I am sure that this may have been achieved in the past, but so quickly and to open it up to so many people? For not only were there cricketing greats but there were people offering websites, musicians offering their services for concerts it just kept coming!
Well I have to say I am a convert and may have to apologize to you all for my over use at times, but take it as a compliment that you were all strong enough to change the mind of the most stubborn man in the world. I intend to learn my lesson and open my sometimes narrow mind up at all times from now on.
Till next time stay safe and Smokey Loves you all xxxx

Ps lets help these people who have lost everything, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones in this terrible flood. Donate Here





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