Latest News | The Floods and What we can do! by Adam Hollioake

The Floods and What we can do! by Adam Hollioake

What makes us want to help for our fellow man/woman? There are a whole lot of reasons, it may be because they are family or friends, it may be because you feel the need to create some good karma for yourself, it may be because you are just one of those people who dedicate their lives to doing good for others.
The reason me and my friends have decided to help the flood victims is a mixture of several reasons! Most obviously people such as myself and Quade Cooper (the bright future of Australian Rugby Union) are surrounded by the devastation itself, Quade and his Queensland Reds team mates sand bagged affected areas from 8am to 4pm the other day, he spoke to me of the unbelievable commradarie that he felt whilst helping the people who were ultimately destined to lose their homes and some their lives! He spoke to me of how it affected him and gave him the drive to want to do more
But there are other reasons to want to help. I mentioned karma and I am a massive believer in it myself. I always claim to be a good person however there are things in my life that I have done that I am not always proud of, things that make me squirm in my seat when I think back on them. Sometimes we are young and niave and other times we just get it wrong. Rightly or wrongly I have this feeling that if I do things good by people then in some way I am paying back my debt to God for the things I have done wrong by his children. This may be very deep, and maybe a little selfish on my behalf? But I have nothing else to describe why I want to do it, other than this has affected me.
I just got of the phone to Darren Gough and he was almost in tears, such was his passion to want to help out, he said ‘Smokey' (Adam Hollioake) I am so frustrated by not being able to help! I will do anything to help these people out’ This was the same passion I remember from when he used to speak in team meetings. I used to get goose bumps and swear that I would run thru any obstacle placed in my way the next day when we got out on the pitch. He is a great man, with great passion and has basically thrown himself at this venture head first, without any thought for himself. He has a successful job on radio in the UK that is listened to by millions of people and he is prepared to leave that for a not insignificant amount of time to come out here and help.
I remember back to when I was a player, I didn’t have any skills other than to play cricket (and even that was debateable ;-)). So I have figured out that the best way I can help out is by providing an organizational side to things to bring all these great athletes together! I am fortunate to have been involved in the TV industry in recent years and have created a show called "Australia's Greatest Athlete" which involves all the great Australian Athletes. One of my main roles was to persuade the athletes to come on the show, so I know several of the guys. I am not as connected as the great Shane Warne or many of the athletes I am fortunate to know, but maybe together with help from everyone, we can all pitch in together and make a difference.  On the topic of Shane Warne, say what you want of him, he is always the 1st one to put his hand up and say he wants to help. I played in a Tsunami game with him a few years back and he has been instrumental and inspiring in his desire to get a game on in the coming week/months. He assures me he will not rest til we get it sorted.
At this stage I would love to give a Churchillian style speech that will evoke emotion in all of you, but instead I am just going to do one of the hardest things I will ever do in my life and something I am not normally good at and say ‘Please help us” I want to help the people caught in this terrible disaster more than anything.
I am presently on a flight down to Melbourne to play an Ashes golf competition, with such people as Ian Botham, Michael Vaughn, Dean Jones and many more. I will shelve my humility and am going to ask them for help also. Please keep an eye open for my signed Ashes Golf Challenge Shirt.
I have donated my website as a temporary information site to try and help the flood disaster. I have made some great friends out here in Queensland since moving here. People like Jeff White (ex AFL footballer), Ken Wallace (Beijing Gold medallist in kayak), Steve Johnson (V8 Supercar driver), Ky Hurst & Shannon Eckstein (Champion Ironmen), Hayley Bateup (champion Ironwoman), Quade Cooper and James O’Connor (Australian Rugby Union players) Anthony Mundine (Ex Rugby League player and world champion boxer) and of course most of the past and present Aussie cricket team. All these guys are so keen to help out and have an avenue to show their support.
So you wanna know how you can support? Well obviously keep checking back to my website. We will be updating information there regularly. If you are in and around the Brisbane/Gold Coast area we will be holding a number of events, so please come along and show your support. I appreciate this disaster is far reaching and that to expect people to come in from overseas is unrealistic, so I am gathering memorabilia to auction off online for those that cant make it there.
We have formed a committee tonight that will run the Golf Day at Gainsborough Greens. My close friends Ben Holland, Jeff White, Piggsy Sailes, Aaron Nye, Dylan Campbell and Adam King have all joined forces with me to form Ocean’s 7! We had a highly successful 1st meeting and I will reveal some of the things that have come up from that meeting in the coming days. In the meantime please don’t think that cos the flood is over that so is the disaster, we have been left with scenes that resemble the aftermath of a war! Please don’t forget and stay strong in your support

Love Adam Hollioake x


 Adam Hollioake with the 1999 County Championship Trophy


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