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Weight Loss My Efforts by Adam Hollioake


It is interesting that I would be writing an article on weight loss. Firstly I have never had a weight problem till recent years, I guess it coincides with retiring from professional sport! However I did manage to fight the fat for the 1st few years of retirement. I have been on a roller coaster journey over the last few years and feel in a strong place to discuss the topic of weight loss. Adam Hollioake and weight loss go hand in hand these days!!!


Firstly the more I experience being overweight the more I realize that it is a psychological problem rather than a physical one. There are a number of fundamental psychological matters to be dealt with before we even get to the physical aspect of how we go about losing the weight. I for one have no excuse as to not knowing what is required to lose weight, I treated my body like a temple (most of the time ;-) for 20 years and have a very good understanding of the physiology of the body.


Adam Hollioake's key aspects to weight loss are:-

1. You need to want to lose weight, if you don't then you are on a loser straight away

2. You have acknowledged you need to lose weight but now need to move forward with actually doing it. I feel the best way to do this is set yourself a goal. I was 106.5kgs when I decided enough was enough (my playing weight was early 90kgs) Instead of telling myself I need to lose 21.5kgs (the amount i need to get to for my fight at 85kgs) which is quite daunting, I am breaking it down into a 1.5kg to 2kg per week target, this makes it much more manageable and stops you getting disheartened. If I set my 21.5kgs target then at the end of each week I am failing until I reach my goal (if i manage to stick at it). But by setting small goals you have lots of mini victories along the way. I used to set little goals for our team. Instead of saying we need to win the championship, I would break the season into little milestones, even breaking down victories by the hour etc etc.

3. Set realistic training regimes and diets. Don't go out hell for leather, you will lose desire very quickly. Start by taking little steps, maybe start out by saying I want to lose 0.5kgs in the 1st week. With your training regime don't make it so hard you don't want to return! Make it enjoyable as well! There are so many ways of training you don't have to do stuff you hate. I hate running, so therefore I supplement it with swimming, boxing, bike riding, circuits etc. When I first retired from cricket I trained like a lunatic, I used to run up a thing called Jacobs Ladder, a set of stairs about 200long. I used to run 2 stairs a time and basically sprint up and down it 10 times (I hated it, used to throw up). My wife one day said to me, is that sustainable? Can you see yourself doing that when you are 60? Moment of clarity, I needed something I could do that was not so demanding and yet kept my weight off.

4. Training partners, there is nothing better. It makes you commit to a time and stick to it. The best thing about training partners is you have to write it is your diary. This prevents the old 'I will just give it a miss today' happening. Also helps you stay motivated when you are lacking it.

5. Diet for me is the hardest thing, you need to just get through the 1st few weeks and avoid having junk in your house. If it aint there you cant eat it. Also try to go to bed early, if you are in bed early you avoid that late night trawling through the cupboards.

Adam Hollioake commandments for weight loss

1. Train 1st thing when you wake up if you can. Before eating or anything, this gives you great results.

2. No carbs after lunch

3. Early to bed

4. Mix training regime up

5. Get a good training partner

6. Set yourself little achievable goals

7. Do exercise you enjoy

8. Try to make you workouts competitive sometimes with your training partner

9. Give yourself a reward when you achieve your goals, not neccessarily food or day off training, but a small treat.

10. When you feel weak, ask yourself if by eating that chocolate bar will give you more enjoyment than being thin

by Adam Hollioake

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Adam Hollioake with the 1999 County Championship Trophy